Smotrikoroche node operator

My nickname is Smotrikoroche and I’ve been doing nodes for over a year now. I really like this, especially the feeling that you were part of a big and cool project, also kept the Aptos node before that and also took part in projects such as Aleo, Ironfish, ssv, axelar, bitcountry, evmos, zeitgeist, archway, celestia , humanode, gear, kyve, massa, minima, starknet, subspace, subquery.
My friends and I made a common small organization “808” and it includes 10 people.We know English at a fairly good level.
Aptos is a secure and scalable Layer 1 blockchain. Aptos network accounts, transaction fees, standard library, validation node management, and configuration are all implemented with Move. The Move programming language is designed for secure resource management and verifiable execution on the blockchain.