Slot Machine MOVE smart contract

We want to create a slot machine game on Aptos but we’re stuck with the MOVE smart contract. Our frontend is made and connections to wallet plugins are all done on testnet but we lack the backend work that automates and verifies the spins on Aptos. I’m sure this can be done through a smart contract if I’m not mistaken? If so, could anybody help us?


Slot machine like casino?

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Yes, here is a demo:

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I think it will be great idea xD


Thanks! We think so too, we want to contribute as much as we can to Aptos on top of everything else that we already have.


hmmm really

Yes, see our previous reply for a DEMO that connects your testnet wallet.


We have the basic DEV net functionality now. This is just a glorified faucet at the moment to give users a feel for it.

  • It will request to connect to your wallet via chrome/brave extension.
  • It will inform you of wins and losses and keep track until reload.
  • Every win rewards devnet $APT.
  • Does not send transactions yet for losses/wagers

Interesting idea, we were involved in something similar in Dec, 2021 - it was on Ethereum/Polygon and doesn’t work now, but it will be interesting to make it on Aptos Blockchain and just for fun. Who can join and help (we need a developer for this task).

Who are interested in ideas for your projects to create on Aptos - you’re welcome, we (a startup-studio in Tallinn, Estonia) have many ideas.