SIM telephone - Rechargeable Aptos

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SIM telephone - Rechargeable Aptos

Idea of ​​payments, staking and interests for economically and technologically backward areas…


Now I show you my idea, with the hope that the team creates something that can lead to change and mass adoption.

-As the title suggests, it is based on money transfers, payments, loans, donations, stakes, returns and for many other users in low-industrialized and technologically backward areas and beyond…

There are many areas in the world where the majority of the population does not use the internet or there is a very low percentage of use, less than 20%, given that there are at least 30/40 countries, some obviously by choice.

The main problem is the lack of infrastructure, and I will realize it eventually, obviously we are talking about areas of Asia and Africa, most of these areas are not very industrialized, but for this very reason they also have a greater possibility of development economic expansion and possibility of adoption, India based on the population, we are talking about 50%, therefore 700 million people who do not use the internet or make little use of it…

My idea is based on the use of a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) here it would be appropriate to create a partnership with some telephone company, and now Aptos has recently entered into an important partnership.

Solana created his own smartphone, (Aptos) could have his own SIM…

in India alone at least 900 million people use mobile phones, this idea could be adopted all over the world, obviously to have a SIM you have to register it, with your documents, I think we are increasingly closer to global regulation, so it is appropriate to anticipate and be ready, however the purchased SIM will be associated with an anonymous wallet, to be created later via app (or other system)…

The application will give the possibility to associate the wallet with the telephone number anonymously, using an ID or a private code.

The Dapp must be a light and simple Dapp, accessible to even slightly older smartphones, with the possibility of being transferred via Bluetooth, this idea can also be implemented for other more advanced realities…

All transactions will have to be paid in (Apt), this can drive utility and adoption, fees can be burned to create a deflationary model…

The real focus would be simplicity even for an average user, with the possibility of staking and returning with very few steps and a simple swap with national/Apt currency…

Another important goal is to achieve good adoption, we will have a positive deflationary model, burning a% of the fees and creating rarity for the token in a homogeneous way could be attractive and positive…

Characteristics Dapp

Possibility to transfer money in local currency directly from the sim to the created wallet

Example: exchanges






Now that we have the funds, the wallet dapp will give you the ability to:

  • Staking

-% monthly/yearly income with chosen stablecoin/Apt (ability to use protocol, other)

-Payment (between users, loans, donations)…


Thank you for your attention, I am aware of the difficulty of realizing this idea, both legislative and economic problems, but this is blockchain, it is better to present an idea and try. who better than Aptos can do all this in light of the latest partnership, I hope to start a constructive conversation and get everyone’s opinions and know what the team thinks,


What do you see Aptos building here to support this? The payment component? Connectivity to the cellular network?


Thanks for the question, then everything is based on partnerships, here there is a need to have a collaboration with a telephone company, for example since yesterday we know that aptos has entered into a collaboration with SK telecom, we could start from here, exploit the telephone network of sk and have an Aptos Sim in the stores to sell, obviously everything to be associated with a dapp, I’m not a developer or marketing manager, but let’s imagine that an average user can buy an Aptos Sim in a store and with simple steps first convert his currency national and then make an income or make payments directly from the SIM associated with the wallet… In your opinion, what is the main problem?


Then Aptos openly declares that it is also aiming at the payments sector and mass adoption, this could be the beginning of adoption and above all the ease of converting one’s national currency into Apt, obviously all transactions will have to be paid in APT, for create volumes and above all a burn system through commissions


its an interesting idea- I don’t know enough about SIMs and their metadata to understand if there is a way to bridge the blockchain tech into the SIM. Definitely a great idea though!


Thanks, I’ve had this idea for a while, then I read about this partnership yesterday and thought I’d put it here in the forum, I hope someone from the team can see it and tell me their opinion


If we consider ourselves, more than the SIM, we need to associate the number with the wallet and have a dapp that connects the number and the smartphone, the SIM only acts as an intermediary, if a user wants the aptos SIM, he will have a number and all the steps to do to connect it to the wallet and the dapp


There is definitely something here. Well done.


aptos giving me excess joy

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Amazing insight friend




great info thx


Great info man


Good invocations , definitely scale within time


Wow, amazing suggestion.

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thanks for the answers, you can also argue and improve this idea, then I wanted to ask, is it possible to bring this suggestion to the team to hear what they think?


Interesting stuff


I will look into it. Thank you


Aptos is building something great


Great! Thanks bro update