Should we buy Aptos Token?

APT is the token of the Aptos project. At the time of writing, it is trading at $8.31, has a market cap of $1.081 billion, and a diluted market cap of $8.257 billion. :money_with_wings:

The total emission of tokens is 1 billion.

In total, the funds invested $350 million. With a total issue of 1 billion, the funds will receive 134 million tokens. In order to understand at what level the market makers of funds are supposed to keep the price, we divide the investment amount by the volume of received tokens and get $2.6. It seems to be pure mathematics. However, in our opinion, in order to understand the real cost of one token for funds, it is necessary to divide the amount of investment by the amount of tokens that the funds themselves, the developers, and the Aptos structures (Aptos Labs and Aptos Foundation) will receive. Then we get $350M / 490M APT. Total, 1 APT = $0.7.

If the funds redeem all the APT coins that they gave out for free as a truly ingenious advertising campaign, then they will receive staking rewards for a year (until the next unlocks), and already these coins (received as a reward for staking) they can sell. And given that they own all the coins of the current issue, they can do whatever they want with the price of the token. What does all of this mean?

Large players can raise the price of APT to $35-$40 per token. And then, when they start unlocking, unload about hamsters from this price to $15-$20. And, believe me, with such a hype around this project, ordinary crypto investors who see such a discount will definitely buy it. So there will be an additional influx of users and liquidity. And the funds will continue to linearly unload their positions and sell off tokens. Considering their entry price, this is a good profit.

Conclusions. Is it worth investing in Aptos?
So, there is no point in buying APT coins to stake. After all, if for funds the cost of 1 APT was $0.7 (and no one gave us the opportunity to buy at such prices), now the price is already $8. Too expensive coins to benefit from the sale of rewards. With any bullish market movement or a $25,000-$30,000 bounce in Bitcoin, big players will use this moment to pump the price of the token to maximum highs. If bitcoin shows a positive movement for a month or two, then APT can be raised to $40-$50. And then, in the bear market, the price of the token will plummet, the funds will sell off their staking rewards throughout the year, and then the unlocked coins.

If you believe in a bull market and that bitcoin will rise in the near future, then it makes sense to take some tokens, wait for the funds to start raising the price and throwing it off. In this case, you can get 2, 3, or even 4 x from the initial investment.


we need buy it… I think it’s gonna be like polkadot wave

Should we buy Aptos Token?

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