SendIT - Arcana Network Project, - 100% Airdrop to Top 2000 users weekly

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1. Introduction:

  • SendIT, a Arcana Network’s project and backed by Sandeep Naiwal - Polygon CEO, allows user to send crypto to anyone on any EVM chain (polygon, Eth, Arbitrum) through users Email or Twitter handle even if you don’t know their wallet address.

  • SendIT alse generates a link that user can share with the recipient and recipient will only need to sign up on SendIt wallet to access fund. This way, SendIT will onboard new users into Web3 without knowing technical knowledge about web3 and wallets.

2. Baking & Funding

  • What project Does: It allow to send/receive crypto through twitter or email id only
  • Baked by: Republic, Woodstock, Sandeep Naiwal, Balaji Shrinivasan
  • Raised: $2.675M
  • Airdrop Chance?: Every week, Top 2000 (Top 50 users - 100 XAR NFT, 51 - 250 users - 50 XAR NFT, 251 - 2000 users - 25 XAR NFT) user earn XAR NFTs as per their Earned XP, These XAR NFTs are redeemable against the XAR token post launch.

3. Task Data:

  • Deadline: Every week, top 2000 users get XAR-wrapped NFTs
  • Expense: $2
  • Chain: Polygon
  • Time: 10 min
  • Potential earning: 100-500$

4. Project’s Handle

5. Task:

  1. Go to SendIT
  2. Enter Email id & Click “Sign Up” (Sendit will create a brand New EVM wallet for you)
  3. Upon Signing Up - you will be airdropped 0.01 Matic on Polygon Testnet
  4. Now click on Profile Icon on Top Right corner - It will show you profile detail and your newly created wallet address
  5. To see crypto balances, Click on icon at bottom right.
  6. Now as you can see your SendIT wallet address, Send some Mainnet Matic (0.5 Matic Min) and testnet Matic from your Metamask wallet. Get Matic Faucet

  7. Now to get some XP, Go to reward section and try to finish some task.
  8. Click on Send > Select Twitter or Email > Enter recipient id> Select chain, Token, Amount > Sent IT
  9. Sign The Transaction (You can select anyone’s twitter id for sending)
  10. Now Click on shoutout on Twitter > Twit it > Paste url link > Get XP.

    For mainnet transaction you get 55 XP and 15 XP for Testnet. You can repeat same process for the testnet. Do more transition to climb int the leaderboard. Remember, Get into top 2000 by the end of week. Get update on snapshot from official handle. XAR-wrapped NFTs will be sent to your SendIT wallet.
  11. Click on History where you can check your transaction history.

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Top informations thank you


What’s the worth of the 50 XAR NFT that I got?
They said it will be converted to their tokens when they launch.

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thank you for info. seems tedious …pass


thanks great info bro

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Cool! I have not seen this information on this project. I’ll try to work today


Absolutely :100:

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Good top information ama analysis

They verified

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yaaah XAR NFT will be converted to XAR token. depends on how much price of token is at time of launch.

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Let’s hope it’s worth something yeah
Thanks man.:blush:

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No one’s the worth currently buh iye advisable to get as much Xar now it’s free