Sei rewarded testers with $12

I spent 8 months farming sei network just to be rewarded with $12 worth sei token. Sui actually did better bcuz I could remember I got $2K from Sui just by participating in their presale with $45.

May we not come across a project like sei again :expressionless::expressionless:


Projects like this should stay far from us on gawd


seems they fully don’t understand what the meaning of community. so far, Aptos is the best on layer1 projects


Well half is better than none

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I don’t care about Sei

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yep, sei ruins testnet for me :smiley:

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It is not even funny ,it is total crap with all these testnets and its “airdrops”


$ SEI have disappointed the community

Same as to me ,I am also do all missions tasks

it was so disappointed

how does it happened? why?

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yee. it s the best answer :grin:

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airdrops lately are difficult to farm

Yes, it was embarrassing. I worked quite a lot - and they gave me just a little bit of tokens