Sei ecosystem Going to dead?

Claims is live on Sei ecosystem but what that did was actually Discouraging rewarding ur community an Gas fees to your community with the whole ranting of them doing Airdrop, that means Sui did Much better than them At least people got minimum 1800$ from and 45$ investment and the also Airdrop NFTs which can Worth something in bull run and the did An quest game which people make at least 50$ from it So with all this I can boldly say Sui did a great job. The only mess up when the did there presale on Exchange. This was what I got from Sei after all stress on there tasks​:point_down::point_down:

How many did you got???

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Both SUI and SEI are a joke. SUI rewarded people only because they were in their Discord early even though they didn’t do a single transaction on the SUI testnet. The rest, getting an allocation on one of those 3 exchanges was pure luck. A complete joke for those who interacted for months on the SUI testnet but didn’t get any allocation on those exchanges. SEI is even a bigger joke. Newbies who bridged some funds got a higher allocation than early supporters who spent hundreds of hours in interacting on the Sei testnet.
Moral of the story: people should stop getting farmed by interacting with testnets all together.


Sei is dead i think


Very funny they shouldn’t have done any airdrop instead of what they did


its a scam project


SEI is bad project

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