Security in Web3 Dos and Donts

Security has a long way to go. There are different vulnerabilities that can be used. Phishing sites can also be used and you can easily be tricked. Do not interact with malicious site


We should be careful and thoroughly research before proceeding with the transaction. The cryptocurrency market will grow and security will also improve

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that wrong never post or give anyone your seedphrase


@nenyella obviously a joke
Your seedphrase is your kidney, only donate it to trusted individuals :skull::joy:

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Don’t use 1 wallet for everything. Have different wallet for different purposes.

Secure your seed phrase somewhere safe in case of phone loss.

Don’t enter your seed phrase on any site or give your friend to hold for you

Avoid clicking links anyhow.

When visiting Pancakeswap or uniswap, make sure the address is correct.

Always use beefy finance to revoke all access on your Trustwallet.

For Metamask, check connected sites and remove the ones you don’t trust or recognize


This is rubbish why will I post my seed phrase on twittyer. Drop the post before I flag it.

i have succeeded in doing that gg

Always verify every link before connecting to your wallet

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@starayong yo chill wtf? Can’t you get a simple joke? :joy:
No one is dumb enough to do that drop your swords

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Nice information.

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very good,I have learned it :grinning:


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