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Into the Aptoverse — Part 1

Greetings Aptonauts,

it is a pleasure to have you here with us today.

We understand that creating a successful marketplace does not happen solely due to a platform’s features or capabilities. In fact, the most feature-rich marketplace could fail to captivate the hearts and minds of its respective community due to one fatal flaw: it is not invested in the ecosystem that supports it. A protocol is only as successful as the community that surrounds it. In SeaShrine’s case, we think that observing and updating our community members of the happenings within the Aptos NFT space is of the utmost importance. It helps to solidify our commitment to our environment and allows us to build deep and long-lasting relationships with potential partners, by spreading awareness and crystallizing network ties. It is because of this, that we choose to write out these NFT roundups, in the hopes that you, dear reader, understand that this isn’t only about the success of our platform, it’s also about passion for this space. So with that being said, allow us to share some updates from around the Aptoverse!


In our modern NFT environment, projects understand that building successful and active communities is nearly impossible without some sort of utility or use case. This is something the Spooks NFT collection knows intimately and has worked hard to address this. As it stands, the Aptos blockchain is still in its testnet phases, with mainnet expected to launch sometime in Q4. Even then, the Spooks have already begun to show the Aptos community that they are not playing around, and that they are here to build for the long term. At this point in time, we do not know the specifics regarding the collections tokenomics or eventual release date, but we have a good idea of the tooling that Spooks will build for their community. Their “Upcoming Aptos NFTs” calendar and “Hype List” provide users with useful insights to some of the most anticipated projects. Aggregating data from social media platforms like Discord and Twitter allows the Spooks to estimate which NFT collections are receiving the most attention. As previously mentioned, Aptos has yet to release its mainnet, and a good amount of NFT projects have yet to be released. However, this helpful tool from the Spooks offers the prospecting investor with a better idea of what’s hot and what’s not, allowing them to make informed personal decisions based on external data. We can chat about this all day, but we feel it best if you just take a look at it for yourself here. Keep on building, Spooks team. We see you!


Up next, let us shift our focus to the majestic UniCornses project. Besides the breathtaking artwork and aesthetically pleasing color palette, it is clear that UniCornses are honed in on providing their holders with as much utilities as possible. This collection of 1000 unique Unicorns will not only grant community members with some sick profile pictures, it will also allow them the opportunity to “receive discounts and premium features in other projects”. It also appears that the UniCornses have been successful in following their roadmap thus far, as their website was just released, meaning we may be receiving news on “collaborations with other famous projects” some time soon. Check out the official roadmap below.

As is common with most Aptos-NFT collections at this stage, there is no confirmation on the Mint Date or Price at this time. However, what we do know is that the team is currently offering WhiteList spots for active community members. So if you’re keen on joining in on the Unicorn magic, make sure to join the official UniCornses discord server and show that you’ve got what it takes to be whitelisted!

Bruh Bears

You and I both know that there’s nothing better than saving the best for last. Our first examination of the Aptos NFT space would be nowhere near complete without mention of the most anticipated NFT collection, bruh. That’s right, we owe it to all the Aptonauts to give a huge shout out to the Bruh Bears on their continued success. They sit comfortably atop the Spooks “Hype Meter”, and let’s just say that we are not surprised. For those lucky enough to have gained access to their private Discord server, it’s immediately apparent that the community there is a spectacle to behold. The only chat open to the public is fittingly titled “bruh”, and every message contains their infamous phrase in one way or another. What is more surprising is that it seems the Bruh Bears team foresaw this unrestrained community presence from a mile away. Their official website expresses that their collection would have “the most eccentric community”; a prophecy that seems to have come true.

Details regarding the tokenomics and release date for the Bruh Bears are seemingly non-existent at this point, but there is still an incomprehensible amount of hype around their “BruhList” initiative. Conditions for entry are not clear, but we assume that continued participation and creative methods of community support may turn the odds in your favor. Much like every other project we discussed today, the Bruh Bears are doing much more than releasing a bunch of pictures to the Aptos community. They are on a mission to directly aid in the global onboarding of the Aptos blockchain. We look forward to finding out more details about the project, and can’t wait to see how much they accomplish. Take a look at their official website here.

Closing Thoughts

It is quite easy to see that the Aptos NFT industry is a sleeping giant, ready to unleash its influence across the Cryptosphere. More so, it is exciting to see just how much work and development is being done even prior to the Mainnet release of Aptos. In an ecosystem bloating with so much potential, we understand the need to provide these projects with the best possible marketplace experience for their respective communities. Great projects deserve a great marketplace, and we can assure you that the SeaShrine platform will serve to be the Gold Standard of mon the Aptos blockchain. We are honored to be building alongside some of the most anticipated collections we’ve ever seen. We are honored to serve the Aptonauts. And most of all, we are ready to be the best that Aptos has to offer.


The SeaShrine Team



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