Scam in Medium articles

Medium is an amazing platform. we can get from there tips and tricks literally about everything. what I noticed- in the articles from “airdrop tutorial” categories, authors post genuine guide, with normal links, and somewhere in the middle of the article they add certain activity which will play “significant role” in getting the drop. normally it’s nft mint, and normally this nft was created by the author of the article. OptiDogeAI- this guy suggested fake Zora NFT recently for example. would be great if in comments under this post you mention such a “drop curators” if you ever meet such a stories, so we all know who to avoid. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Its always good to be careful and read in-between the lines. I figured one out recently too and when I pointed it out to the author of the post, he went on attack mode and started attacking me cos I foil his tricks


The most fake thing that will be scam is Discord bots
every server have some scam bots which send a messages for people who get new in crypto and ask them to mint NFTs before their Funds in their wallets!