Scam Alert: Fake Aptos Domain Name Service Promoted on Twitter

Typically, mainstream search engines and social media platforms are super cautious about running crypto-related advertising campaigns. Here’s why, in some cases, this approach looks best. Scam: No, you can’t get Aptos domain name for $8 Today, Nov. 21, 2022, a promo campaign was launched on Twitter to advertise an account that promoted a website offering domain names from Aptos Domain Name Service. It announces that newly-launched Aptos DNS offers its clients the domain name “.apt” for 2 APT only (about $8.19 by press time). Scammers are running a website that closely mimicks the original page of Aptos DNS. However, it is running under different name and uses slightly different fonts for its interface. Even the demo code in the Docs section of the fake site is stolen from the original one: scammers failed to correct the URL details, so their documentation redirects users’ API requests to a regular website.


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