Saw this on the timeline and i figured it would help navigate this site faster on how to claim badges

  • Like this post using the heart emoji. :heart:
  • Use the slightly smiling face emoji to react to this post. :blush:
  • Quote this post by using the repeat symbol. :repeat:
  • Share this post through email by clicking on the email icon. :envelope_with_arrow:
  • Leave a comment with any link you’d like to share.
  • Make sure you’ve filled out your profile information.
  • Reach Trust Level 1 (which means you need to participate in the community and interact with others).
  • Create a new post to share something with the community.
  • Edit this post and add the new moon with face emoji. :new_moon:
  • Drop your post below in the replies and I’ll like it. :point_down:t5: :
  • You can use up to 50 likes per day, using the heart and black heart emojis. :heart:

Nicely done sis. Wataguan up in here.


:ok_hand: wow thanks for the texts it helped me alot


We making the most out of web3

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Glad it did. Stick around for more.

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Nice, thank you :100:

oh thanks for sharing this. quite helpful… thanks

Helping the community⚫

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