Russian community education content by MMS_Team

Hi everyone! We’re a team of crypto enthusiasts. We’re glad to have the opportunity to support the project at the beginning of the journey, creating a blockchain for the first billion users. We’ve translated all Aptos labs articles into Russian. We also wrote a review about the project and the Aptos ecosystem. For the convenience of the Russian-speaking community, we have made 2 videos about Aptos. Concentrated knowledge about Aptos Labs in different forms of information perception. I hope you enjoy our content! We will be glad to see any feedback or cooperation suggestions.

Translations/ переводы блога
Article review/ статья обзор проекта Aptos
Article ecosystem review/ статья обзор экосистемы
Video review/ видеообзор проекта
Ecosystem&last news video/ видеообзор экосистемы и последние новости Aptos
Node install guide/ гайд установка ноды
Verification of the Aptos node/ Проверка ноды Aptos

Thank you for your attention!

In crypto we trust.
We are MMS.


Хорошая работа, много статтей для ру комьюнити, информация подано стурктурированно и без воды. понравилось видео (с хромакеем, интересно было послушать)

Good work, a lot of articles for the ru community, the information is presented in a structured and without water. I liked the video (with chromakey, it was interesting to listen to)


I checked the video. The information is all reliable. Nothing is made up. A lot of work has been done to collect data. Video editing is at an excellent level. My verdict: Good job guys, keep it up.

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I will be happy to follow the updates.

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Спасибо, будем стараться и дальше радовать вас актуальными разборами :pray:

Thank you mate! You’re super welcome =)

I was very pleased to watch this video. A lot of work has really been done , and most importantly , do not stop !


Thank you, we’re glad to be helpful :pray:

Hey guys! We hope you’re doing well! This is our updated AIT3 node setup guide. Posted a long time ago in our Nodes telegram channel and only now here (ooops). By the way for the history and education=)

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а почему не добавили тег russian? Так же удобнее искать. Я понимаю, что без английского никуда, но тем не мене, не все свободно говорят на ангельском.

Не знали, что редактировать нельзя будет=)

Wow this good

Отличная работа и обзор Aptos. ,Буду наблюдать за дальнейшей работой и переводом.

Well done work.

Спасибо ребятки, делаю пост для квеста

Great job mate :blush:

We are so glad to have you in the community. Lets keep working :muscle:

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