Rush this be it's late

rush this :point_right:, snapshot today* New Incentivized Testnet : Amnis Finance

Add this martian wallet extension to Mises or kiwi, switch to aptos testnet to get your address

:arrow_right: Claim APT Testnet Faucet :

:parachute: Go to : Amnis Testnet
:heavy_minus_sign: Connect Martian APT Testnet
:heavy_minus_sign: Mint NFT
:heavy_minus_sign: Scroll Down
:heavy_minus_sign: Click Stake more than 11 APT
:heavy_minus_sign: Direct Swap & Click Mint & Stake
:heavy_minus_sign: Unstake 10%
:heavy_minus_sign: Withdraw stAPT
:heavy_minus_sign: Done LFG

:arrow_right: Submit APT Address

Ends in 3 hours


This official?

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thankyou brother

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Is this an official project?

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thank you for sharing

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