Running monthly technical quizes for Aptos community (Aptos Ukrainian Hub)

Hey everyone! First of all I would like to run the first technical quiz about the AIT2, so that people will pass educational questions and the communit will be able to be engaged into the ecosystem easily, understanding what does it mean, how can they easily run the node, testnet and become the validator as well.

The main idea to do it monthly, when more news appear on the radar. So that people can be kept up to date and know all the important determinants in the Aptos ecosystem, news about the projects delpoyed on it and so on.

Also would like to hear your feedback and see whether you want to participate in making up some questions and want to contribute - please feel free to contact me:

  1. On telegram - @buchachos_d
  2. On Discord - buchachos#1457

I support your proposal! it is also a good idea that anyone who is interested can help draft the questions. Holding such quizzes will increase communication skills among community members, and participants will be able to help each other and even learn something new, it will be interesting)


Thanks! Hope that we can do smth ASAP


This is a much needed idea. To be honest, it’s surprising that this issue has not yet been resolved. I am all for it, I will be glad to help in any way I can: articles in Russian, guides, translations. Get in touch if needed!


It sounds great, let me check all the details and will contact you then! Coudl you share where can I contact you?

Discord: AlexGas#6531

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