Rules for digital safety

Rules for digital safety.

The Aptos ecosystem has continued to expand, and new projects have been sprouting up practically every day.

There’s nothing we love more than seeing new passionate teams joining the fray and developing products on Aptos; however, when a network experiences this kind of exponential growth, there will be some side effects.

Such network growth inevitably attracts the attention of scammers and bad actors, who prey on inexperienced blockchain users. Therefore, today, we want to talk about some digital safety rules.

So, I’m recommend reading the rules below.

Rule #edu 1: NFTs.

Be careful when buying NFTs. There is already a wide variety of collections available, but it’s important to keep in mind that many of them are overpriced.

Rule #edu 2: Store your seed phrase properly.

Remember: If you lose your 24-word seed phrase, you’ll lose access to your wallet and crypto forever.

Write down your seed phrase on a piece of paper and keep it in a reliable and safe place. Never keep a screenshot of your seed phrase on your mobile phone or in a text file on your computer.

In short, never store your seed phrase on a device connected to the internet.

Rule #edu 3: Go over the instruction guides on crypto exchanges.

If you want to make a transaction, but you’ve never made one, the first transaction should contain the minimal amount.

Remember: There are many instances when the technical support of crypto exchanges will be unable to help you if something goes wrong with a transaction.

Rule #edu 4: Do not trust unfamiliar teams.

This rule applies to mining pools, staking pools, NFT projects, and any project that promises high returns.

Be skeptical before investing your money when people or projects make promises of exorbitantly high returns. Try to find mentions of the project in official resources.

If you’re having trouble finding mentions of a specific project, you should proceed carefully because it may carry higher risks, and we recommend “DYOR” — do your own research.

I’m ask that you follow these simple rules and trust only official sources of information.


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