- Game on-chain Aptos

Twitter: @rollapt

:point_right: Project Description:
When we first saw Aptos and speed it offers with low fees, we know this was the blockchain that will finally allow us to make our dream come true.

In its basics it’s simple game where players can put in their $APT, and based on how much $APT players added to a round, they can win the round and receive all the $APT from that round.

Fairness and transparency is the name of the game. Everything that can be done on-chain is on-chain, and RNG is backed by fairness check that anyone can test out!

:point_right: Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem:
Every chain needs a good time killer, an app that makes it fun and something that anyone can go to and fool around for few minutes at the time.

:point_right: Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline:
We launch on Mainnet we just got started, we got a lot of plans on how to expand RollApt, with new game arenas, tournaments and giveaways.

:point_right: Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation:
We are 2 software devs with a lot of experience with smart contracts and web3.
We are looking for someone that can help us with community reach and socials.


looks interesting


Thanks, we are always looking for feedback, tell us what you think.

Also we are looking for someone to help us with community building, if you know someone to recommend please do!


Hey Team, let’s meet. Im Z, pleasure


Hello, team, I am an Aptos developer.
I am experienced in Defi and NFT development with move.
I am interested in your project and want to join your community.
Please contact me via Telegram. @smartdev0328


I will contact you, thanks!


New announcement we added leaderboards and stats!
This is our first step before hosting giveaways both on twitter and for top places on leaderboards.

If you are interested in helping, we are looking for community manager, let us know on twitter dm.

We continued our development, today we launch small overhaul of UI to enhance ease of use!
Our giveaway is still going on on twitter.
If someone is interested in being our social media and community manager, please let us know on twitter DM @RollApt

new trend on games

An interesting project. I will watch him.

:+1: Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to try it out. :smiley: