Robby Alfauzi Validator & Fullnode

Hello everyone have a good day :blush:

I’m Robby Alfauzi from Indonesia, and I speak Indonesian.

I started getting to know Crytpo from 2021 and even then my friend was invited by my friend, and in 2021 I immediately created a community on telegram called Telegram: Contact @airdropets and I as an admin were also there with 71 members, yes, it’s a little but I’m still consistent.

Now I’m also interested in the Tesnet Node or on a PC directly, well this is the first time I’ve experienced a Tesnet Node and it’s never existed before. It’s getting here that I’m excited and excited to run this Tesnet Node, even though there’s a bit of confusion and no I get it. Over time I got used to it, and I also worked a lot on Node.

My Validator Server Details :
ROM : 1024GiB
OS : Linux (ubuntu 20.04)
Server : West US 3

My Contacts :
Email :
Twitter :
Telegram Group : Telegram: Contact @airdropets
Discord : Relaxa#3269

Thank you :smile: :blush:


good luck bro to the moon anjay kelaaaas

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Thanks you sir Ram :heart_eyes:

this jangar awikawik ahahahahaha

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Keep the spirit to live it :innocent:

Always support sir , best community , thanks for your information .

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