Rising interest in Aptos NFTs

Binance Research said that interest in Aptos NFTs is increasing, considering that collections within the ecosystem have seen their sales volume and floor prices rally to new highs. Binance Research said:

“NFT investors [have] start[ed] accumulating them to become early adopters and take advantage of potential flipping opportunities.”

The statement is confirmed by data on Aptos’ largest NFT marketplace, Topaz. Three of the top five collections on the marketplace have seen their sales volume increase by more than 600% respectively — the other two collections rose by over 100%.

Binance Research added that the APT token trading volume is up 147% thanks to the two new liquidity pools opened for the asset on Binance.


Yeah we all know that why aptos established for reign


Binance and all projects wanted to collapse with aptos especially gaming project because aptos blockchain especially launch for gaming project


aptos is very prespective project that why people come here


no any interesting NFT o Aptos for me

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