Ripple-Backed Flare (FLR) Launches New Airdrop: How to Get It

The EVM layer-1 blockchain Flare network has announced that a new batch of FLR token airdrops is now available to claim. The FlareDrop.10 Release is now available for users who have held Wrapped FLR (WFLR) for the past 23 days.

Stakers of FLR are also eligible for this airdrop. In October, public staking on Flare went live. The move allows users to transfer their FLR from the C-Chain, where smart contracts run, to the P-Chain, where staking happens.

FlareDrop.10 Release :parachute:

If you’ve held Wrapped FLR (WFLR) for the past 23 days, you’re eligible to claim.

Stakers of FLR also qualify :star2:

Claim now at Flare’s Portal:

— Flare :sunny: (@FlareNetworks) December 12, 2023

After an initial token airdrop allocation in January this year that saw 4.28 billion FLR tokens distributed to XRP holders who held at least one token during a snapshot in December 2020, Flare committed to distributing the rest of the airdrop allocation over 36 months. The initial airdrop in January represented 15% of the allocated supply.

Subsequently, a series of 36 monthly FlareDrops totaling 24.2 billion FLR will be made available to be claimed by active Flare community members who have wrapped their Flare tokens.

A total of 24,246,183,166 FLR will be split into the 36 FlareDrops. Tokens will be claimable at noon UTC every 30 days, and this process started on March 17, 2023. There will be 35 distributions of 676,040,637 FLR and one final distribution of 584,760,871 FLR in the final, 36th month.

These FlareDrops can be claimed using the Flare Portal by connecting a wallet that held WFLR during the holdings calculation period.

Now, the FLR airdrop distribution is in its 10th batch, with 26 more to go. According to the Flare team, the ratio for FlareDrop.10 was 5.45558 for every 100 eligible WFLRs held. The three blocks used to calculate the average WFLR holdings were: 15,881,442; 16,111,972 and 16,482,724.


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