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Ripple announces re -entry into the United States in a CNBC interview
In a CNBC’s latest interview, Ripple’s President Monica Long has announced that it has announced its intention to re -enter the US market.
CNBC International TV “A Lot of OUR Growth Has Come from Outside The U.S., Ripple President Says (Japanese translation: Ripple’s growth has come from outside the United States)”
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The development is the main court ruling that the company’s related digital currency, XRP, is not regarded as securities in the United States, and he expressed his enthusiasm for the clarity of the ruling.Explains like.
However, Ripple’s operation strategy does not focus only on the United States, and has grown significantly in international markets with clear regulatory guidelines, especially the expansion of ripple in the UK.The company is considering further investment.The company’s London Office is now more than twice as much as it is growing.
He also claims that FinTech companies also operate major offices in Singapore, Dubai and Sao Paulo, reflecting various customer bases and international developments.It has a fairly large customer base in Europe and the Middle East, and has revealed that Dubai is positioned as another major base like Singapore.

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