Review of New NFT Projects on Aptos

  • Project Name / Organization
    League of Shoguns

  • Project Description:
    League of Shoguns is an exciting Play-to-Earn battle game set up in a fantasy ancient Japan where Shoguns defend and lead their people. It is a 3D NFT game that combines the fun and entertainment of traditional gaming with earning, community, and ownership through NFTs.

  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem
    To build a gaming ecosystem that rewards players while they have fun and bond with one another.
    Available on both web and mobile, with aim at becoming the leading play-to-earn battle game on the Aptos, partnering with other Avatars so they could be imported into the League of Shoguns.

  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline
    2022 Q3

  • Character Concept
  • LOS Asset Building

2022 Q4

  • Landing Page
  • Release of Whitepaper 1.0

2023 Q1

  • New website
  • Whitepaper Update
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • NFT Character Mint
  • Character Staking

2023 Q2

  • Introduction of Weapons
  • Los Alpha Test
  • Los Beta Test
  • Weapon Mint
  • NFT Land Sale
  • $Hanei IDO and Listing

2023 Q3

  • Game Release
  • Marketplace Launch
  • Team: Skills, Experience, Motivation

Will Kom (Creative Director)
Over 5 yrs experience as an artist and illustrator
Founder of Willkom University
Creator of Furless Fox NFT collection

Braham Daniel (Blockchain Director)
Over 4 years in the crypto/blockchain space
10yrs+ experience as a business developer and entrepreneur
Co-founder, GreenHal, a business focused on data aggregation from local farmers

Mathew Haural (Web3 Business Director)
Over 3 years of experience in Crypto
2 years of experience in NFTs
Worked on different NFTs Projects

Shirov Solomon (Chief Game Developer)
12+ yrs in game development
About 1.5 yrs experience in NFTs
Worked on a prominent Metaverse project
Industry-wide experience across Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa

Olä Mikhal (Chief Marketing Manager)
Previously worked with Skylight exchange, Pepe, and Assure
Crypto investor and enthusiast since 2019


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