Restoring privacy online

In the year 2020 and 2021 to be precise, the amount of data leaks and privacy breaches by big techs and web2 social media became more alarming as reported by a source. In September 2021, Identity Theft Resource Center ( ITRC) recorded an all time high percentage of data breaches, where the total number of events of 2020 was already exceeded by 17%. This might not get reduced as there are no checks and balances to reduce the excesses of big techs and web2 social network. This becomes a problem when social media is given unlimited access to it user data all in the name of trying to sum up user data for either registration purposes when it comes to sign ups, security purposes when it comes to users trying to protect their accounts from scammers or unwanted access. The issue isn’t found in the user giving out classified information, but in the aspect where the big techs and web2 social compromises that user data for the sake of making profit off its users. This become a matter of serious concern. Taking a deeper view into this, Luxembourg’s prime minster had his data out in the public. What if that data got into the wrongs hands? This issues permeate into a matter of national security and a cause for concern.

The issues of user privacy breach and data leaks might just never stop in web2 social media owing to its monopolies, new ways to make profit off users and basically no check and balances to keep them in check, this might just never stop.

The solution is web3 social media , in web3 social media, there are no user breaches or data leaks. This is practical because, web3 social media doesn’t try to see what users do or collect data relating to a user at all, in other words, there won’t be any form of privacy breach. The issues of monopolies won’t be an issues as web3 social media is a decentralized and open sourced social media platform where there is no central authority dictating what the user should do and should not do.