Republik - New Interact to Earn Web3 Social Project| Strong Backing | $RPK Airdrop Inevitable

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1. Introduction:

Republik is new Interact-to-Earn web3 social platform that operates on a gamified system in which users are rewarded with the soft currency (XP) for actively Interacting with content and creators and promoting the platform (Referrals). Users gets XP reward if they hit 5 likes or receive 10 likes within 24h of content created (Criteria may change).

The distribution of native token $RPK is based on the amount of XP earned by each user in proportion to the total XP distributed across the platform. i.e. If you represent 1% of total XP you’ll get 1% of $RPK from Airdrop allocation.

The max supply of the $RPK will be 3B and the $RPK Smart Contract will be deployed to multi-chain in the very near future. Detailed Tokenomics is shown below.

2. Backing & Funding

  • What project Does: Interact-to-Earn Web3 social App, same as Phaver, Pop Social
  • Raised: $6M
  • Baked by: OKX venture, 6th man venture, Mirana venture
  • Airdrop: Earned XP will be converted to $RPK (not a 1:1 conversion)

3. Task Data:

  • Deadline: Galxe task deadline is 05.11.23
  • Expense: Freaking zero $
  • Time: 1 Min/everyday - Maintain streak for 7 days & get Streak bonus
  • Potential earning: 100$

4. Project’s Handle

5. Task

1. Joining the Platform

Your REPUBLIK email must match your Galxe email.

  • Enter Email Id —> Pass captcha —> Submit ----> Enter OTP recieved on your mail
  • Now Set profile pic, user name and display name (remember: username is non-editable)
  • Choose interect (you can skit this step) —> Done
  • You are all set, Post (reels too), like, follow and get followed by to earn more XP.
  • You can download RepubliK Android app & sign up

2. How to Get More XP??

  • Open App, click on the XP button and Earn 20 XP for checking in to the RepubliK app once a day
  • Earn 5 XP for every 5 followers gained
  • Earn 5 XP for giving 5 likes a day
  • Earn 10 XP for receiving 10 likes a day
  • Earn 10 XP for casting 10 votes a day
  • Earn 10 XP for joining a challenge
  • Up to 500 XP per challenge for winning

3. Galxe Task For Extra Earning

(a) Become a REPUBLIK Pioneers

  • Collect REPUBLIK OATs for additional RPK rewards and status in the REPUBLIK community!
  • Go to Galxe
  • Complete All social task and Claim REPUBLIK OAT

(b)Become REPUBLIK Settler

  • Only For those who joined RepubliK on Oct 11th, 2023 or later. Your REPUBLIK email must match your Galxe email to claim this OATs
  • Go to Galxe
  • Complete All social task and Claim 2 REPUBLIK Settler OATs

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Very interesting! i doing that every day :smiley:


I have registered


Thanks for the information buddy


I have done this but are all these XP points actually worth anything ?


Thanks for info bro


look we have no idea how this Xp will worth in future. Point is we are hunting, very few project will do better and we don’t want to miss that and so we are keeping eye on every project possible.


amazing project


thanks for info mate