[REPOSTING] Search for the Unofficial Aptos Community Mascot

This is an attempt to revive the challenge initiated by @r4keta in the early stages of the Aptos Community: Aptos Community Mascot [unofficial challenge] (CLOSED)

We at PACS-Hub recognize the creative potential of the Aptos Ecosystem, and have seen the artistic side of Aptos through NFTs. We now want to funnel that enthusiasm towards a community led challenge that will rally the Artists in Aptos to create a Mascot that we can all use to represent the community!

Do note that this is a community led initiative for the community itself, as such, we are not officially affiliated with the Aptos Labs and/or Foundation. All the prizes that will be rewarded will come from @n1t0y ’s coffers (Thank you!) and will be distributed to the winners by @shadznft . (If anyone wants to donate to add more prizes for the artists, feel free to message @shadznft ! We appreciate the kind gesture)

Creating a mascot is even cooler than making a great meme - you need to get a sense of the project, be part of its community and understand what it breathes.

But it’s also true that a great idea can come by chance and when we see it we say - this is it. That’s what this challenge is about.


  1. Create a Mascot that represents what Aptos is, and describe what your design means to you!

  2. Give the Mascot a name!

  3. Put the Image and Description under this forum post with your twitter handle and Aptos Wallet Address.

  4. Tweet your entry with the hashtag #AptosMascot and tag @PACSHub!

  5. Each participant must submit only one (1) entry.

  6. The contest shall run from November 2, 2022 12:00AM GMT+8 to November 16, 2022 11:59PM GMT+8. Winners will be announced within the week that follows.

  7. The mascot design shall be unique, memorable, and dynamic.

  8. The Aptos logo shall be represented in the mascot, that includes the design language and colors used in making the Aptos Branding: Aptos Logos - Google Drive

  9. The competition shall be judged according to the following criteria:

     • Concept/Relevance - 30%
     • Originality/Uniqueness - 30%
     • Creativity - 30%
     • Community Votes - 10%
  10. One winner will be chosen to have their entry be the Unofficial Community Mascot for Aptos, and another four will also get rewards for joining the contest!

      APTOS token:
     • 1st place - 6 APT
     • 2nd-5th Place - 1 APT
  11. By entering the contest, the participants declare that the submitted entry is their original work, has not been submitted to any other competition, and does not infringe on any third party’s existing copyright. Any complaints that may arise due to similarities, likeness or comparison of the design would be the accountability of the participant as he/she would be responsible to prove authenticity.

Chosen by the community and the team, the mascot has an interesting future ahead of it, absolutely! (stickers, stickers and stickers again… and NFTs)*

I repeat, this is an UNOFFICIAL challenge, it is hosted by community members for the community.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate in asking me, @shadznft for help!

We look forward to seeing what the creative community in Aptos can bring!

Our Socials: Join the Hub!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PACSHub

Medium: PACS-Hub 🇵🇭 – Medium

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @PACSHub


vety interesting . thx you !


Thank you so much! Anyone is welcome to join :wave:


LFG PACShub and goodluck to all participants​:rocket::heart::100::heart_eyes:


Excited to see everyone’s entries! :smile:


NAELA- Avatar charactr of Aptos community. She recognizes the importance of story-telling and helping artist to maximize thier creativity using NFTs as their medium.



NAELA- Character Sheet


we need more indy challenges like these!! :+1: thank you


Nice to see the entry so far! Our bounty will end tomorrow night at 11:59PM UTC+8


The Aptos Autumn Universe is being handled by Antini, an android mascot who can change appearances and rotates in the Cryptosphere. Antini’s characteristic is to imitate the appearance of other Cryptos. She looks after the Aptos Autumn Universe and guides it so that it is recognized and expanded. She has the ability to make any crypto into a mascot. Because Antini is a joyful android mascot, she gets along well with everyone she meets.


Twitter : @vanengs117


It’s awesome mate


Name of the mascot : PAT BOT
Twitter : @BiWinsIcecream
Aptos wallet adress : 0xe28b05b34d1896c5cd9f3291d28adcfb4c61f3a596df67e47ef0b27982fce051

The descriptiom is on the photo👇



Genvergara Entry. [Aptos forum acc onhold]

When Crypto Universe started to crash. A human-like mascot named Alpha was born. Alpha means ‘A Dominant Person’, it was also means a beginning or starting point of the Journey. Alpha personality traits have been associated with high levels of success. He was appointed to look after APTOS, a blockchain built using the Move programming language.

Alpha was specially created for Philippine Aptos Creative Society. His main duty is to protect the mankind and the Aptos blockchain from scammers, and give courage to pursue and continue in the middle of the problem or conflicts and serve as strength until we all succeed.

He was wearing a combination of orange which represents courage and success; gray that represents security and innovation, and; black that represents protection and strength.

Even having a strong personality due his duty, he is still a friendly mascot who not only protect but to make sure that everyone around him is fine and happy.

Twitter: @genvergara12



[Minor Announcement] :exclamation::exclamation:

Hello Aptos Community!

As we wait for other Aptos Creative Members to submit their entry here in Aptos Forum.

We’re planning to adjust our Deadline of Submission Tomorrow at • November 17, 2022 - 11:59PM UTC+8. Thank you! We’ll be waiting for your entry :cat:


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Meet Mecha :robot:

  • an mascot of Aptos Community. He will be the landmark of aptos and more people will recognize him by his robotic appearance. He desires to attract and help the aptos community.



Thank you for all the Artist who participate in our Creative Bounty for Unofficial Aptos Mascot.

Submission of Entry is [CLOSED] now.
We’re going to review all entries for 1st place to 5th place, and post it here in Aptos Forum and our Twitter Handle. Thank you!

Goodluck for the artist!


Thank you too