Redundancy with dual nodes

Has it been discussed if it’s possible to run dual nodes in parallel incase one crashes? I’ve seen that before and it has worked great with some validator networks. Is there a reason why it wouldn’t work with Aptos? One reward but less stress.


I am green in this field. It is quite interesting to learn more about dual nodes, how it works, and how it is beneficial.


High availability node running is an interesting topic. As of now, we have not gotten too deep in the topic. There are some operational aspects as well as software solutions available. From the operational side, one could run a full node in parallel to the validator. If the validator crashes, one could design their operational environment to have the fullnode elevate its status and configuration to that of the validator and seamlessly replace it.

This would make sense. And since there is already a connection between full node and validator, status check would not require too much. Next step: RAID type setup for people running multiple validators/full nodes :smiley: