Reddit Exclusive Airdrop | Reddit Gen 3

If you visited the shop on mint day for Reddit Gen 3 you’ll have a free exclusive airdrop coming your way

Why this airdrop could be a big one?

Last July, Reddit broke records with its first NFT collection

Reddit’s collection centered around the platform’s mascot, featuring community-created art pieces minted on Polygon

The end of 2022 saw Reddit users mint over 5 million NFTs With the project generating over $1 Million Dollars for community artists since launch.

Reddit grosses over 430 Million monthly users, with every user now having access to their first NFT with one click of a button

Reddit venturing into Web3 has allowed their community to reap the rewards

Allowing the creatives amongst them to shine :star2:

This is truly how Web3 grows, focusing on community - centric values while softly showing them crypto use cases in real time… :angel: