🧩 Rebus project for Aptos / idea by Aptos Ukrainian Hub

We are from Aptos Ukrainian Hub! :ukraine:
Our suggestion: let’s cooperate to other Hub’s from other countries and other people and make rebuses for Aptos. Other people can also contribute! We want to implement this idea and invite all interested persons to participate in the creation of rebuses!
We really want to work with people from different countries, so it does not matter where you are from, the main thing - have a desire and be creative!
Tasks: to create rebuses, design pictures, update the content.

This will perfectly develop logic and thinking. Words will be used on the topic, relating to all aspects of the project: ecosystem, team, testnet, programming language Move. This will be an interesting informative content for the community. We can create a project on the forum and notify about updates in the forum-thread, constantly adding new information.

New rebuses will happen monthly. At the end of the month we will share the decoding of the words with their designations and descriptions. The encrypted words will be in English. English understood by all crypto-enthusiasts, and those who are not fluent in the language - will learn through rebuses as well!

To work, we can create a telegram chat, where we will share opinions, distribute tasks and complete them.
We look forward to your feedback and suggestions.
If you are interested, write in comments! We can start from September.

Our project to find our team is here: Aptos Ukrainian Hub


This is a very interesting proposal, I support it.

I would love to participate in such an event

Ви їх українського хаба. Супер. Але для чого вам орки з расїї?
Слава Україні, смерть ворогам

Слава Україні!

Я запросила учасників спільнот, туди не тільки Росія входить, а більшість інших країн також.

До більшості - ніяких питань нема. Ворожі назви, символіки (прапори) і тим паче запрошення…
Зрозумійте одну річ, вони нам не брати, не друзі і навіть не знайомі. Нам навіть близько не по дорозі…

я не збираюсь розмовляти на цю тему на форумі, якщо ти хочеш посперечатись та почути мою думку - прошу в дискорд web3tyan#5086

i like you this project

you can also help me we help with project implementation
it’s not hard, yoy need only your time, desire and creativity