Reading is a must

When I graduated school, I told myself I wasn’t gonna again and was just going to rest and sleep and relax because of the stress of “reading to pass exams” but then After school, reading just got 'worser"

Let’s find Out!:thread:

Reading is Must.

I found out now that I must now read for the right reasons. The cliche that readers are leaders is only true for me after school.

You have to read. You must Read. Keep reading but reading for the right reasons.

I found out that to even make money depends on information, the right information and how to use these information gotten. More importantly being early to get these information.

And all these depends on Reading.

In crypto it’s called research. DYOR (Do your own research). or say web3 so I heard.

As a newbie I find it hard knowing the secrets to this Research of a thing. I keep hearing idolos say “do your own research” “do your own research”…

But then I’m yet to see who can teach one on “how to do your own research”.

I’m open to learning, I keep reading cos reading is a Must and I really want to know and learn how to really “DYOR” and not just for the names sake of DYOR.

As much as I want to learn I have a few questions in heart.

How does one DYOR?
What are the secrets to finding “solid” gems?
How do you get in early (Early Info)?

In as much as I get “Alphas” I see it as a fish given to me, what I want is to learn how to Fish.

I want to fish, I want to be at the table.

In all I’m grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met here in web3 and the great content they give. Thanks you’ve been such a blessing to this space.

Gm Everyone. I’m David


Thanks you man for all this information


Readers are leaders


I so much agree with you fam,you can always DYOR by reading about the projects on twitter,their sites and all.another way to make research is in communities just like this one,discord is also there among others.
They are also various ways to make research qbout coins…coingecko,coin marketcap,trade view and the likes of them.
I hope this helps.


Kudos buddy.


Great info man


Thank you for info


thanks great info brother


Lol. Funny tho

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this space will make you read by force that’s all i know

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Learning never ends