#Random Updates

Gm friends,

Sentiment is pretty bad right now.

We are in that phase of the cycle where people capitulate out of boredom.

Next few months will likely yield some great long term opportunities for those willing to grab them.
Stick to your plans and remember WAGMI

Some of my thoughts and things that I’m looking forward to ;

the rise of extremely inexpensive blockspace, via L2’s for instance, coupled with the ubiquity of stablecoins, has created a payments apparatus that is unequivocally superior to legacy banking. Hence folks who have done a stablecoin transfer now have doubts about going back to a bank or wire transfer

Institutional Adoption-:It appears increasingly likely we will see a Spot Bitcoin ETF approval, and more and more respected tradfi voices are expressing support for Bitcoin (and in many cases defi as well).

A lack of privacy-enabling options has hampered the adoption of crypto for mainstream business needs, but solutions from some projects are up and this is my opinion " The rise of privacy solutions within Defi will also aid in on-chain adoption because it means people will become less reliant on cex’s, which currently serve as ‘mixer stand-ins’ to some extent, as a roundabout way to obfuscate wallet trails".
Now A framework for allowing users to natively utilize the EVM in a manner that affords privacy is a big (and ambitious) leap forward.It also seems to be one of the final keys that can finally unlock widespread adoption of on-chain rails…

Self-custody is to financial freedom what the printing press was to freedom of speech. People dont appreciate this yet but time will tell. As things inevitably get worse, the value prop of permissionlessness and self-custody that crypto provides takes on outsized importance.

The future is definitely optimistic for the whole crypto space. I know you’re tired so am I but don’t give up frens
Would love to hear any thoughts on the above! What am I right/wrong about?