Rabby Wallet — Join a Huge Upcoming Airdrop From DeBank 🐝

Rabby Wallet, is an EVM wallet, has dropped points for Metamask users today.

These points could impact your potential $RABBY Airdrop. Claim them now and begin accumulating more points.

:sparkle: Steps to claim your points :
:one: Download the Wallet : Rabby Points - Rabby Wallet
:two: Import Metamask seed/private key: XCVXMXMZ
:three: If you already use Rabby, just update it to the latest version.
:four: Click on the “Rabby Points” option.
:five: Before claiming, use the Refferal Code below to get more points : XCVXMXMZ
:six: Check your points & Claim it.
:seven: Done! but you still have the possibility to earn more points.

:sparkle: How to get more points?
:heavy_minus_sign: Refer new users.
:heavy_minus_sign: Swap in Rabby.
:heavy_minus_sign: Gas Top Up in Rabby.

:sparkle: Also You can mint first project badge on DeBank: Rabby Valued User!
Mint the badge now and enjoy Web3 better with Rabby Wallet. ​


Good stuff. LFG


Nice stuff thanks


Is rabby safe??

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