Quick badges in 10min

Hello everyone again! what are your successes? If you are new, then I am ready to help you!

How to get 5 badges as quickly and easily as possible?! I have an answer.

leave a request for this post and like ( + 1 badge )
Leave a comment with letters and a picture ( + 2 badges )
suspicion. ( + 1 badge )
drop the message on your twitter in the comments (using the exile method (tack) (+ 1 badge)
and that we have 5 badges in such a short time! make more posts on experience badges? :yum:


There is already post exists, try to get your 11 badges in 11 minutes LOL :rofl:


спасибо за информацию!

I have completed most of badge

I don’t idea about more Badge How to claim?

I just want to help and wrote an article about badges - Badges (how to get maximum) and all about the Discourse (this forum uses this)

thanks mate :saluting_face:

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