Qualify for Magic Square Airdrop. P.s. Easiest Guide Online

Magic Square update :fire:

They are backed by Binance Labs

They have explicitly stated that anyone who engages and participates in the Zealy campaign stands a chance to win a share of the 1,000,000 $SQR pool.

• Register quickly with your email, connect your metamask wallet (use the desktop version of your browser):

• Connect all your social media accounts, especially Discord.

• Start validating projects/dApps immediately so that you can earn Karma points. The goal is to get at least 10,000 points.

• Start by getting 50 points, go to Vote on Projects, and validate any active projects (it’ll redirect you to snapshot.org). Then try Hot offers and perform the Serenity Shield Gleam offer.

• Jump into their Zealy community and perform tasks:
Zealy - Join the movement

• Then refer others with your referral link.

Note: Gather lots of Karma. It might be a requirement for the airdrop (unconfirmed).


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is it airdrop possible


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