Qualify for DeDotFi Airdrop 🪂


Aside from the [#Airdrop DeDotFi is a great tool to help safeguard your wallet and anyone can use the tool even though you do not have the code to register for your social profile


What is DeDotDotFi?
It is a web3 SuperApp, the first crypto Antivirus Scanner, and portfolio tracker. Following simulation, Every project with a problem solving capabilities have a great potential to blow up and this is what makes dedotfi to stand out in the DeFi space.


Good web3 VCs like Shima Capital, Huobi Ventures, OKX Blockchain Ventures, etc. have invested in the project

Amount Raised

According to Crunch Base DeDotFi has raised the Sum of $1.1M In Funding backed by Huobi Ventures, OKX Blockchain ventures, etc

Funds raised in the rest of the funding rounds were undisclosed

Utilize tools ![:parachute:]
Contract Scanner With DeDotFi users can Scan Contracts to ascertain their Legitness or discover vulnerabilities How? Copy Any token Contract of choice either from twitter,Coingecko, CoinMarketCap or Dexscreener

Shield (Revoke Wallet Approval)
Connect wallet

You will see the level at which your wallet is at risk.

Revoke all access because it makes your wallet vulnerable to hacks

Also Enable the “Advanced Mode”

Swap Tokens
the Swap feature, Swap tokens select the Chain of choice ! Select token pair ! Approve transaction

Create your Social Profile

To register a social profile you need to get an invitation Code

After that visit the link below and register


there is only 16 code for this link: De.Fi - DeFi Investing & Yield Farming Platform

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