Psychology of Self-Control in the Crypto World

  • A few tips The market is like a body of water, it has periods of storm, calm, strong or weak currents. In order to trade constantly, and not only in bulran, it is necessary to know the different phases and study market situations. And the most important thing is to be able to be on time, and it’s better to understand them a little in advance. Choose trends, because the trend is your friend. A trend is not just a growing chart. It is important to choose trending directions that are now only on hearing. So at one time there were talks about Defi, NFT, P2E, and so on. But those who started to go deeper at the level of assumptions were able to reach great heights. (it’s like with the price of any token, while it’s at the bottom — no one needs it. As soon as he sets a new maximum, everyone immediately shows interest) If fear does not allow you to start trading, reduce the risk of a trade. The best player on the average earns 1% per day on the market. Does it seem to you that it is not enough? But 365% comes out a year. No need to try to earn money every day, because we are in search of one good deal that will cover

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