Proton Sale - the first decentralize launchpad on Aptos

  • Project Name / Organization
    Proton Sale / Module labs
  • Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc.
    A launchpad is a platform that is designed specifically for launching new coins, crypto projects, and raising liquidity. Launchpads help investors discover early-stage crypto projects before they enter into the mainstream. Over the years, launchpads have relied upon human verification system to determine which projects or tokens to launch but with the advancement of the blockchain and smart contracts, new launchpads are now choosing a different and more decentralized approach by building trustless systems through smart contracts that work together to enhance the experience of token management for businesses. Proton Sale is a platform which is designed to help end teams easily create their coin without knowledge of Move or development process. Then after that they can create their own Sale with full features of types: launchpad, fairlaunch, dutch auction, … Proton also support audit services, resource locker services, nft tool, and integrate Dao then all contributors can fully control Proton


  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem
    In every ecosystem, fungible tokens and markets are the most important part. Then after that, denceltralize launchpad is also very important to help projects and teams launch their coins with their own business. Look at Binance smartchain, we can see many decentralized launchpads like Pancake, Pinksale, Unicrypt, BSC launch, Oxbull,…and developers and teams are very easy to launch and fundraising. We absolutely believe that Proton will also bring such great value to Aptos.

  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline
    [Milestone 1]: Create sale - contribute - claim - End of August
    [Milestone 2]: Redesign platform, indexer, list all sale, Dao architecture design - End of September
    [Milestone 3]: Dao implement, fairlaunch - End of October
    [Milestone 4]: Dao implement, dutch auction, mainnet - End of November
    [Milestone 5]: Dao release, 2023 roadmap - End of December

  • Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation

  1. Son Pin - Project lead

He has 6 years experience in the blockchain ecosystem. He is a builder in evm compatible chain, solana, now become a Mover. He has many experience in blockchain: cryptography, wallet implement, centralize exchange wallet integrate, nft marketplace, defi,…
2. Hong Qi Yu - Advisor
Hong is now CEO - Founder of Tokenize exchange, the biggest Singapore CEX He is also very active and passionate about exploring in the blockchain field. He is also very interested in Aptos and the ecosystem
3. Charles Tran - Lead blockchain
Charles used to hold the position of CTO - founder of Mochi labs. He also a experiece builder in Web3 with many experience in Evm compatible projects: Mochi market, Wanaka (gamefi), Mochi pad, …
4. Kien Nguyen - Lead backend

Kien has 10 years experience in backend development. He built most of the system of Funtap, a leading company in Vietnam in game publishing.
5. Roman Nguyen - Lead frontend

Roman has 10 years experience in software developments, he also work in many dapps project as a frontend leader. NFT market place projects with meticulous design as well as interaction with the artist have been successfully developed by him:,

  • Module security
    Smartcontract (or Module) security is the main problem of every Dapps, but Move is the safe language, and with clear architect design, and fully test driven development we will face this problem
  • Dao governance security
  • Financial risks

This is exactly what is needed for an ecosystem of Aptos to explode

Welcome onboard bro

Welcome guys, nice one, launchpad - this way to make project really more popular and great!

Welcome guys onboard

This is a very tempting offer about whether you can take care of the safety of this project as there will be a lot of villains!

I dont undersand, can you dm me in discord sondotpin#9739

Great project with skilled developers.

It’s good that you guys are trying to be the first launchpad on Aptos, but your design looks so bright, imo bring more Aptos color style

Excellent, this might bring huge amount of liquidity, team looks promissing!

We are glad to introduce Integration Partnership - Proton Sale x Fewcha Wallet 🤝🤝🤝 Fewcha Wallet is working perfectly in Proton Sale Testnet. You will be able to join to Proton Sale Testnet in our next update.


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This one sounds like a winner!

We has released some function in Testnet 1 version

#move #aptos #protonsale

Great sir aptos to the moon

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