Protectorate - the definitive liquidity layer for NFTs

NFTfi is the future. They are just getting started!

Here’s one that guarantees you insane ROI without lifting a finger…

You’ll find out all about it in a moment…

Introducing Protectorate - an NFTfi platform that seeks to provide deep, sustainable liquidity for NFTs and partner NFTfi protocols.


You know, if there’s one thing that has consistently plagued the NFT ecosystem since its inception, it is, unarguably, the problem of low liquidity.

I could remember vividly in 2021 when I first heard about NFTs from a friend.

I knew nothing about it, so he brought me up to speed on what it’s all about.

And when I eventually minted my first NFT after sending tons of messages in the Discord server to get whitelisted, it took about 2 days to eventually get it sold. Lol.

I could remember checking on Opensea marketplace every minute.

I’m sure you could relate to this story.

But that was even before NFTfi protocols started gaining traction especially with the introduction of AMMs.

But it can get even better.

So, how does Protectorate work to achieve seamless liquidity provision?

It does this through a varied range of partner NFTfi protocols thereby eliminating the problem of unsustainable liquidity mining programs.

The protocol deploys $ETH deposits from participants into profitable strategies across the NFTfi protocols to access the highest possible yield on them.

This defeats the purpose of relying on mercenary liquidity… which is unsustainable and damaging.

But it gets even better…

You earn an insane 80% of the profit generated by the protocol paid out in ‘real yield’ (either $ETH or stablecoin).

All you need to do is deposit your single-sided asset ($ETH) into the protocol without worrying about which of the strategies in NFTfi generates you the highest possible yield, or even the right NFTfi protocol to visit.

Protectorate does the heavy lifting for you without any manual interaction from you.

The protocol charges a 20% performance fee for this service…

10% goes to $xPRTC stakers (staked $PRTC), while

10% goes to the protocol’s treasury.

Tokenomics and Distribution :

$PRTC is the native token of the Protectorate protocol. $PRTC will have a maximum supply of 100,000,000, and will have a couple of use cases :

It can be staked to receive xPRTC for a share of the protocol’s revenue.

xPRTC gives holders governance rights when the DAO is formed.

The token will be distributed once the protocol goes live. Here’s what the distribution schedule looks like :

Here’s what’s interesting…

In the near future, Protectorate aims to unify liquidity in chains where NFTfi infrastructure can be enhanced by adopting cross-chain interoperability.

Personally, I do think that this protocol becomes the go-to place for NFT liquidity if they eventually get to implement all that they have in store. Nice going!

However, if you’d like to learn more about Protectorate, you may want to check out their…

Litepaper :

Discord : Protectorate Protocol

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