Protection from scammers

Web3 professionals talked about various tools and best practices to protect NFTs from hackers and scammers.

Non-exchangeable tokens (NFTs) are attracting more users and also attracting the attention of fraudsters. Attackers in Web3 are targeting digital collectibles that have been lost to fraud and various attacks.

However, according to the Web3 business, there are many users and tools available to avoid becoming victims of NFT theft. In addition, users can also take various actions after their digital collectibles have been taken as a result of hacking.

Rongui Gu, co-founder and CEO of CertiK, a respiratory security company, told Cointelegraph that the first and most important indicator is always due diligence. “Avoid clicking on suspicious links and be very careful when signing confidential tokens,” Gu shared.

Long-term observations should be stored in secure wallets that interact with apps as much as possible, if at all. Hardware wallets have a fairly high learning curve, but the time investment is worth it…


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