[PROPOSAL] Introducing the Business on APTOS DAO

  • Project Name: Business on APTOS DAO


The Business on APTOS (BoA) DAO will be responsible for community outreach to teams that are building exciting applications on the blockchain, with the intention to make budding entrepreneurs and developers aware of the grants program at APTOS, as well as the support and tooling available to develop on APTOS

To simplify:

  • Make projects building on other chains aware of APTOS
  • BoA Team qualifies leads to build on APTOS
  • Pass qualified opportunities to the APTOS core team for possible grant awards


This DAO is for community members that are passionate about APTOS being the blockchain of choice for scalable and exciting applications. We need these people to do outreach to exciting up and coming talents in the space via various hackathons from any chain, and those that can effectively communicate the unique value proposition of APTOS -i.e Developer friendly, climate neutral and scalability. These members will be expected to discuss this with developers/entrepreneurs, with the end goal being a conversation with the APTOS core team and a grant issued to the developer/entrepreneur to build on APTOS

So, if you think you have the following skills, this could be the DAO for you:

  • Awareness of the wider blockchain ecosystem
  • Understanding pain points on other chains - i.e. why could developing on Solana/Avalanche/Polkadot can be difficult, and how could developing on APTOS help
  • Ability to communicate effectively with Developers/Entrepreneurs
  • Passion and Desire for the APTOS blockchain to succeed
  • Hustle and Grinding and a desire to work with any team, from any chain within their communities


Community members who bring qualified leads to the DAO will be compensated in the form of APTOS tokens, ultimately this DAO is about growing the APTOS ecosystem and enhancing the network effects of any application building on APTOS, which further compounds the value of the entire network.

Leads that come through the BoA DAO will be prioritised for assessment.

  • Qualified lead - If the DAO leaders deem your lead as qualified, you will be rewarded with a payment of 100 USDT (for example).

A Qualified lead meets the following criteria:

  • Demonstrable interest of the project to building on APTOS

  • Project team qualifications are sound

  • Use Case of the project has alignment to core growth objectives - i.e more wallets, transactions and visibility

  • Referral - If the project is accepted into the grants program, the referrer will receive 10% of the grant total, paid in APTOS tokens. These payments will be made to the referred on the same project milestone-based plan applicable to the referred project.

  • Team: I have extensive BD experience specifically in a web3 context. I previously successfully lead and managed a similar DAO structure for a top 30 L1 blockchain.

Looking for APTOS community members with BD experience to join and push this initiative forward!

Happy to receive any feedback!



Love the vision and mission!


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