[PROPOSAL] Creating a separate category for proposals and their discussion

I think it’s time to integrate the community into a more active phase of interaction with Aptos and towards decentralization. To do this, I propose to create a separate category on the forum for creating and discussing proposals. And also allow the community to take part in the selection of projects that will receive a grant.

This proposal will help us move closer to the cherished decentralization, as well as bring a lot of new ideas and transparency in governant.


Hey, thanks for your suggestion!

We may use this #suggestions category for proposals.

There is a #proposal tag now, and we should follow your example of the format:

[PROPOSAL] Example Title


Super. but could we also add a subcategory of proposals to suggestions ? Like it`s implemented with questions in educatioon. I think it would be great for newbies on the forum.

We can easily add subcategories, if necessary. However, proposals could fit under other top-level categories like #edu or #dev.

At this point, there isn’t much difference between a suggestion and a #proposal.


Hello! :sunglasses:

I support your point of view. :handshake:

The forum should be the most structured, by sections and directions, so that there is no confusion and it is easier to interact between sections. :rocket:


how will we vote? Let’s choose the optimal consensus, a la dao

The forum also has a voting mechanism.

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good decision