[Proposal] Aptos Academy (Open Community Proposal)

We, as members of the Aptos community, propose to establish the Aptos Academy, an educational initiative built as a collaborative effort between Aptos Labs and the community designed to shape learning experiences in the ecosystem.

Project Description

The vision of the Aptos Academy is to provide new community members (ranging from team members, developers, builders, investors, noder operators and other stakeholders) seamless onboarding experiences and to contribute towards accelerating the community’s knowledge about Aptos and the Move programming language.

Shaping Learning Experiences

In order to realize the aforementioned vision, it is proposed to strategically shape the community’s learning experience by creating a knowledge base about Aptos. The Aptos Academy can function as an outlet for both the Aptos team as well as the community to create educational materials that cater to the specific needs of the ecosystem’s different stakeholder groups.

Co-Creating the Aptos Academy

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the Aptos Academy in providing targeted educational materials for different stakeholder groups in the ecosystem, we propose to establish the academy as a joint collaboration between Aptos Labs and the community.

Here is a link to the full community proposal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sVzl-XUPU4pchuOxEPKsRSZ4XrTET0DR21OcRYC5OVw/edit?usp=sharing

Looking forward to your feedback! :sparkles:


Great project @spacetraveler3020 Aptos Academy will surely contribute effectively in improving the Aptos ecosystem as a whole. In every community, education is very much important. I’m rooting for this project :rocket::rocket:


Great job :star_struck: I can’t wait to start building together


Thanks Arthur for the feedback and your support!

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Yes, let’s build together!


I am delighted with the Aptos project. Aptos community is very friendly and strong. You only need to say hello and ask - you will immediately receive an accessible, specific and meaningful answer. When any difficulties arise, the community immediately comes to the rescue and, as if firmly holding the hand, will guide them through any difficulties on the way to development and education. In my opinion, the idea of ​​creating an Aptos Academy, in which you can also learn the Move language, is BRILLIANT. My fanaticism for Aptos grows rapidly and intensely every day.

*Aptos is an environment of comfort and prosperity for any user.*

Good job, I managed to read half of the document from the link. We need to involve more people in this development process. What would they read and share their quality comments. I need more time to study these materials))

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Thank you for sharing, and the work provided is incredible !!
we would like to integrate Aptos academy to Dapptos in the education section in the near future , let’s move together !!

*Dapptos View [ learn build and explore ]

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Absolutely, take your time!

Nice job Stefan! :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

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Thank you so much for the feedback!


Sounds great, thank you for sharing the link. Dapptos View is looking good!

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Thanks JoVaR, glad you like it!

Great, this proposal will help everyone, Thanks.


Such a great job! grateful for your work

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U did it actually gut!

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The idea is good, though not new. But I know from experience that a really good educational product is a rarity. If you do, then only the highest class =)

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“The majority opinion - always a mistake, because the majority of people - idiots.” (с) Edgar Allan Poe

And it’s not my words, guess Aptos Labs should have priority in voting


It looks impressive :star_struck:

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if you see stefan in a project,fasten your seat belts and get ready to fly :star_struck: