Proposal | Allocate places for Aptos Ru Community team to validate Aptos mainnet

Hello community,
We represent the Aptos Ru Community team: one of the earliest, most active adopters, coordinators and contributors of Aptos across the Russian across Russian speaking universe. Our team includes both Aptos Moderators and Coordinators.

Among many other things we are creators of the following projects:
• Weekly RuWorkshop events/Ecosystem reviews
• AptosRuHub website
• Russian translation of Official Aptoslabs Medium
• Russian translation of Official Aptos Developer Documentation
• Step-by-step video guides how to launch Aptos node (from the earliest devnet up to Ait3)
• Telegram group with c. 2000 subscribers
• Weekly summaries of Move Mondays and Ru Workshops

And also our team helped to set up lots of nodes in DevNet and educated many people on Aptos
Each of us has proven himself from the best side and has a brilliant reputation in the community and on the Aptos discord server.
We are constantly working on community development, improving the quality of materials and events.

Our objective
Grow the community by increasing its activity and size.

Lack of financial resources for the preparation of better quality materials (articles, videos, etc.), event marketing, attracting influencers, promotional gifts, giveaways, etc.,

Allocate places for Aptos Ru Community team to validate Aptos mainnet.

This proposal allows to achieve the following:
• - accelerate the development of the Russian-speaking community
• - improve decentralization of the Aptos network

Allocating places for validation would solve the problem of financing community project (Aptos Ru Community) and would be able to improve their quality and stimulate activity, since the rewards from network validation would not leave the project, but would be used to promote different activities and as the result speedup attraction/onboarding of users and builders to Aptos Network across Russian speaking audience.

Given our successful participation in all stages of the AIT as well as in validation activity in other projects, we have all the necessary experience to participate in Mainnet validation

We are Aptos Ru community team and we want to grow our community and help Aptos to engage new members and grow the whole Ru community.

All our resources


Bravo! Very useful info!


guyz. please see my article. maybe I will help you in life, and give impetus to something more.

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I look forward to the consideration of this proposal by the Aptos team!


Voted! Let’s support the top community! :heart_hands:

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Pros tho lab llama. Kilos bsc

Thanks for your work! :+1: Sounds good. Good luck :wink:

I fully support :+1:

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I hope the team hears, such work should not go unnoticed. :mechanical_arm:

Cool idea!

Go forward, Russian flippers :heart_eyes:


Почему в РУ ветке пишут по английски?

LFG! Keep growing RU community :+1: