Professional RU edition of Aptos Docs/Content/Educational Material

Ladies & Gents! Boys & Girls! Children of all ages please welcome a team of sophisticated crypto-enthusiasts who truly know the deal!

Our competences run very wide, from translations and content creation, professional validating services to trading and market-making!

And right now we are here to share our little contribution to make Aptos great! :wink:

So with that in mind we decided to spend every effort to deliver comprehensive & professional contribution which in turn will help to broaden and expand the reach of Aptos!

At the moment we got a couple of pieces for you such as:

  1. Aptos Стимулируемый Тестнет 2 | Основные моменты и обновления | by Zacktopshot | Aug, 2022 | Medium

  2. And fully translated version of Aptos Whitepaper - Whitepaper RU version - Google Docs

Behind the scene a very thorough work is being done to also fully transcript Aptos Docs which will help our RU speaking comrades to properly acquaint themselves with what Aptos has got to offer!

With that said, i would very much appreciate and welcome any reasonable critics or amendments to the above material which you think might be appropriate.

Hang tight as very many things are yet to come and i’ll keep updating this topic in the due course!



Buddy, this is best translation, im also try do it, but your product awesome! :100: :blush:

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thanks for information!

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Yes, good translation of whitepaper, thx

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Эта крутая идея, но мне кажется на это уйдет не один месяц. И вопрос стоит ли это того ?

О чём речь сори?

Full RU transcript of the latest Medium. Enjoy!


Thank you for the information

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Welcome :slight_smile:

RU version of AptosQuests from Miro board!

Feel free to join Move Mondays and Workshop Wednesdays to share access to Miro board and commit your contribution!

Here we go: RU Copy of AptosQuests - Google Docs


Aaaand we keep going!..

This is a thorough study & review of Aptos blockchain.

It’s know-how. It’s stand out. And it’s place in the wolrd of Blockchains.

Please let me know your thoughts or any reasonable critics.

Enjoy the read!

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Wow! Looks like a worthy read and thank you for insight.

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Thank you my friend :smiling_face:

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It’s worthy infact thank you

Complete RU version: Что такое сеть Aptos?. Aptos — это новый блокчейн первого… | by Zacktopshot | Sep, 2022 | Medium