Problem with Licensed badge!

hi there! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
I have a problem! I dont understand, why I can`t get my badge - Licensed

I made all tasks from Discobot in chat, here is my certificate
“You blazed through this like an advanced user indeed :bow:

Is a bug in forum? Who has this problem too?
Should I contact the team to resolve this issue, or did I not complete the forum tutorial and get the badge and is that my fault? I will be grateful for your help!

Information for all : do not forget about tutorial from Discobot (you find them in your chat on the Forum Aptoslabs website. At the end of the tutorial you will get a badge and a little surprise, shh :smiling_face:

Thanks for attention!


Hi! At next time it’s better to ask someone who have some information or who already receive that and not spoiler the information;)) it takes some time for receiving at forum , it’s normal )

thanks you @versace1017


No problem ! If you will have any question, you can always reach me or another coordinators everywhere - in discord , Tg Aptos ru community , or here on forum :raised_hands:


@web3tyan please how can I flag the post from discobot?
I’m stuck there, please help

dm we are chatting

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Thanks for showing us

How do I get this. Someone help. Please

This will help u!