PRO Nodes Validator

PRO Nodes Validator

  • Discord ID: nodeseter#7628
  • Node name: nodeseter
  • Website:
  • Languages: Ukranian, English, Russian
  • Telegram: @EVGT011

Who we are?

We are a validator team since 2017. We work in a team, guys professionals ( contentmaker, project resercer, node runner). Our telegram channel is engaged in writing articles, relevant updates, guides, useful information on the crypto market and blockchain. Our technical contributor prepares servers, installs nodes and keeps up-to-date with updates. We are developing in media and technical directions, we never stand still and we already have a number of projects under our belt, namely: Kichain, Nym, Subquery, Archway, Umee, Cyber, Solana, Avax, Pontem, Evmos, Aleo, Stratos, Axelar, Humanode, Kyve, Kujira, StarkNet, Masa and several other projects. In some of them we acted as an Ambassador, but in most cases all of these projects were based on the technical part.

We are interested in becoming active validators at Aptos.

I think this is a good contender, recently chatted with these guys and they are really good at tech.

Bro, good luck!! I hope you get selected!!

I wish you luck, you guys are really good in these sphere!! :shushing_face: