Prep yourself for the next airdrop with this simple steps

  • Like the post by clicking on the heart emoji.
  • Quote the post to share your thoughts or reply to the original post. To quote, highlight any word or sentence then tap on quote.
  • Repeat the post to share it with your followers or friends.
  • Share the post via email using the email icon.
  • Drop a link in the comment section if it’s relevant to the post or discussion.
  • Make sure your profile information is complete and up-to-date.
  • Reach trust level 1 by actively participating in the community and following the community guidelines.
  • Create a new post if you have something to share or discuss with the community.
  • Edit the original post by adding emojis to it to make it more engaging.
  • Share your own post in the replies section, and the original poster will like it.
  • Use up to 50 likes in a day to show appreciation for other posts and comments.
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