Potential airdrop

Heard of the Venom Foundation, there’s news there might be a potential airdrop soon.

A complete step-by-step tutorial on going about the VenomFoundation testnet.

Potential Airdrop.

$1 Billion funding.

What is VenomFoundation?

Venom Blockchain is an asynchronous dynamic sharding blockchain technology that has made an unprecedented global leap in the development of blockchain technology by offering the market limitless scalability and higher security guarantees.

Tokenomics of VenomFoundation.

As can be seen, 22% and 7.5% of the total supply are allocated to the community and early backers, respectively.

Great, let’s test everything on the VenomFoundation testnet now and prepare for future juicy drops.

Let’s begin by installing the Venom wallet.

Let’s make our own venom wallet, save your seed phrase somewhere safe, and give your wallet a password that you will remember.

Let us now claim test tokens by going to venom.network/tasks and connecting your wallet, as well as fulfilling other requirements to claim tokens.

Now that we have our testnet tokens, let’s interact with dApps and NFTs of VenomFoundation.

Let’s swap our $VENOM to WVENOM and USDT to add it to pools.

Go to testnet.web3.world/swap

Exchange 5 $VENOM for WVENOM and USDT, and also confirm the transaction.

Now, let’s add liquidity to a pool.

Go to testnet.web3.world/pools and scroll a little to see all the liquidity pools.

Select “Open Position” and connect your account to the pool in order to add liquidity to the USDT/WVENOM pool.

Enter 1 in USDT and 3.5 in WVENOM, then select “Continue.”

then finish these last three steps to add liquidity to the pool.

If you reload your website while working on these tasks, all of your progress will be lost.

Great, Your liquidity has been successfully deposited into the pool.

Let’s start farming some assets on the same website now.

Go to testnet.web3.world/farming

, then choose the USDT/WVENOM farming pool.

Note that if you provided liquidity to a different pool, you will have no LP tokens for the farming pool of a different pair and must complete the steps above again to receive LP tokens for the farming pool.
Deposit as many LP tokens as possible for the maximum number of days in order to start farming and validate the transaction.

Great, Now that we’ve successfully deposited our LP tokens for the token farm, it’s time to move on to other tasks.

Visit this page venom.network/tasks/web3-wor… to get the NFT for the task we completed by swapping, providing liquidity, and farming token

also, meet the Twitter following requirements.

While we wait, let’s gather some NFT.

Visit this page at venom.network/tasks/venom-fo…, meet the Twitter requirements, and you’ll receive your first NFT.

Go to this link: venom.network/tasks/venom-wa…, send a small amount of venom to the specified wallet address, and then, after validation, claim your NFT.

Let’s stake and earn some rewards using Venom pools.

Go here: testnet.venompools.com and connect your venom wallet,

Select the item with the “Recommended” badge, then select “Manage.”

Following that, stake $10 VENOM on the active validator.

Go to this page, testnet.venomstake.com, connect your Venom wallet, and then stake the amount you want.

You will also be able to claim this NFT if everything has been done correctly.

Go here: venom.network/tasks/venom-st… to claim your other NFT.

Go here venom.network/tasks/venom-pad to claim your other NFT.

Let’s use Venom Bridge to transfer tokens between blockchains right away.

Go to the bridge page and connect your Venom wallet and metamask wallet.

Send some TUSDT by choosing “Venom Testnet” in the “From” section and Fantom Opera in the “To” section.

selecting Fantom Opera over other networks because it charges less for gas.

Bridge from the Venom testnet to the Fantom Opera now.

Now let’s take a look at the NFT gallery.

Go here: testnet.oasis.gallery and connect your Venom wallet.

Purchase some NFT from the Oasis Gallery. I’ve chosen the Bubblemotes collection, for example.

After purchasing your first NFT in Venom, let’s list it for sale.

Navigate to the “My NFTs” section, pick the NFT, and then click “Put on Sale.”

Noting that VenomFoundation’s website is currently experiencing high traffic, most of the features are under maintenance.

After that, you can sell your NFT for whatever price you like to complete the task and claim your NFT from here: venom.network/tasks/oasis-ga…

This is it for the Venom Foundation
Once you are done with all task, Head over to thier discord and take a screenshot of your NFTs togther with you Address and submit.


Venom is a good project that has raised a lot of capital. However we are in the Aptos forum so new topics should revolve around the Aptos ecosystem would be better.
Thanks your info


Noted, I’m dropping one on aptos soon, thanks for the feedback


What is VenomFoundation???