Postive pregnancy result for a man and what it means

As a man, have you tried peeing on a pregnancy test strip?
Weird right?
Why should you even be peeing on a test strip?
How? Why? Where?
Read this story on reddit a few years ago, where a guy mistakenly peed on his girlfriend’s strip and it turned out positive. Of course, he wasn’t pregnant. But that single mistake ended up saving his life as he was able to catch testicular cancer early.
Here’s a simple explanation, Pregnancy tests work by detecting the presence of a hormone called Beta-HCG. This hormone is produced by both genders but is produced in much higher dose during early pregnancy.
It just so happen that tumours from a particular type of testicular cancer also excrete Beta-HCG. This is not to say, once you see a positive result as a man that you are pregnant. Instead, it is an indication that you should see a doctor immediately.

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