Possible New Airdrop On APTOS

On November 12th, more than 10% (worth $125M) will be added to Aptos’s circulating supply. ⚡️Total unlock: 24.84M $APT ✅ Here is how it’s divided *in $APT: • Core Contributors: 11.88M (4.84%) • Investors: 8.42M (3.43%) • Community: 3.21M (1.31%) • Foundation: 1.33M (0.54%) 🚁 About the community allocation: - 51.02% of the total Aptos supply was allocated to the community. - That accounts for a total of 510,217,359.767 $APT. - Out of this, 410,217,359.767 is held by Aptos Foundation & 100,000,000 by Aptos Labs. - 130M tokens were unlocked at TGE. - The remaining tokens are unlocked at a 1/20 ratio each month for the next 10 years after TGE. 🪂 The initial airdrop included 23,454,750 tokens distributed to 124,828 eligible individuals. 🤫 Side Note: Keep using the Aptos chain; there might be a chance of another airdrop.Processing: F83TmrNbsAA-VN4.jpeg…


Thanks for the information sir

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Thank you for the information

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