Pop Social - New web3 Social Platform, Earn PPT Token by Posting

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1. Introduction

Pop is web3 social platform (same as phaver) that values users active participation and reward them PPT token (200M Fix token supply) for every interaction such as posting , liking, commenting, and reposting the content.

The Pop ecosystem is run by a sustainable economic model of PPT token distribution. The steady flow of PPT within the Pop Ecosystem allows the Pop Treasury to capture value from both users and creators and redistributes this value back to the community on a contribution basis.

With this earned PPT token, one can make in-app purchases in the Pop social ecosystem. You can also gain platform governance power by holding PPT tokens.

2. Baking & Funding

  • What project Does: Web3 Social Dapp
  • Baked by: OKX, Polygon, BNB Chain
  • Raised: TBA (ICO on 14 Sept 1 PPT = 0.18$ Invest)
  • Airdrop: Earn PPT by posting

3. Task Data

  • Deadline: No deadline
  • Expense: $0.6 worth of ETH on Zksync
  • Chain: BNB, NFT mint on Zksync
  • Time: 10 Min
  • Potential earning: Depends on how much you use pop social app (10 PPT/day = 1.8$/day)

4. Project’s Handle

5. Task

  • NOTE: Make sure you already have Metamask wallet mobile App is installed and in Binance smart chain mode (BSC)

I. POP social App Installation

  • Download and Install Pop Social App : Download
  • Click on WALLET > select METAMASK > Click on CONNECT > Click on SIGN in pop app > Click on SIGN in wallet > Done

  • Note: It takes time to prompt metamask sign, wait 10-15 second, Metamask often takes time to appear for the sign approval.

II. Create Pop ID

  • Click icon in right bottom
  • Click on CREATE POP ID
  • Click on CREATE POP ID again
  • Choose your name that met pop id requirement > Click CONFIRM
  • Click CONFIRM once again as pop id can not be changed again
  • Done - You can see your id i.e name.pop

III. Create Username

  • Click icon in right bottom
  • Now click on SETTING icon
  • Click on ACCOUNT
  • Enter username of your choice, fill description > click on SAVE

IV. Daily Task

  • To earn PPT rewards you need to perform daily task as listed below (in image)
  • Click on POP button (Middle in the Bottom )
  • in Life section Scroll Down
  • List of Task (5 post, 10 likes, 10 follows, 5 Repost, 5 Comments)

V. Post

  • Go to HOME > Click on + icon
  • Insert image and write something > Click on POST

VI. Claim rewards (minimum 10 PPT)

After earning of PPT more than 10, You can claim PPT and it will be seen in your wallet too

  • Click on POP button (Midddle in the Bottom )
  • Click on REWARDS
  • Click on CLAIM if you have accumalated more than 10 PPT
  • Now go to HOME
  • Click on Top left POP button
  • You can see details of your wallet holding PPT on BSC chain.

VII. Upgrade your level (Must have 250 $PPT tokens)

As you have just joined the POP Social, you are in level 1 Fresh face by default but higher level earns you more PPT so if you earn enough PPT (250) by interacting with platform in future, you can upgrade the level 1 to 2 by paying 250 PPT.

  • Click on top right level button
  • Click on Invest 250 PPT to level up from Fresh Face to Rising star
  • Click on UPGRADE

VIII. Mint Pilot Pass on ZkSync (Deadline: 9/9/23)

  • Go to Mint Pilot pass: Mint pilot pass
  • Complete all task mentioned including Connect wallet, Discord, Twitter
  • Claim Mint pilot pass
  • Sign Transactions in your wallet

IX. Galxe Task - Claim OAT and 100 Points (Deadline: 9/9/23)

  • Go to Galxe
  • Complete all task
  • Claim OAT and 100 points

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